How Delaget Coach works

How we turn “data overload” into simple, organized, and effective decision-making

From the store to the home office, Delaget Coach makes finding and acting on problems and opportunities easy through these four steps:

1. Set KPIs and thresholds.

Understanding your priorities is our first order of business. We work with you to identify the key performance metrics that are most important to your business, such as for Sales and Labor, and set the performance thresholds in accordance with your brand guidelines.

2. Gather your data.

Then, your key restaurant data is fed into our data warehouse. We retrieve the data from your point of sale, back of house, voice of customer, drive thru timers, kitchen display systems and inventory management systems to make sure we have a complete picture of what’s happening in each of your stores, areas, and across your entire business.

3. Bring it all together.

We then present you with a consolidated view of your data in an easy-to-read, customizable dashboard. Managers and above store leaders can see at any time how their team is performing compared to company goals for sales, labor, food cost, guest experience, and more. Above store and home office staff can quickly get the big picture through interactive graphs and analyze for trends and opportunities. For those situations where more research is needed, users can drill down for more details. No more toggling between systems and cross-referencing reports. It’s all right there on one screen.

4. Streamline communications with task management.

Getting the right data is just the beginning – we then make it easy for you to act on insights. When you spot a situation that needs attention, you can assign a task through Delaget Coach for anyone in your company. The team member is notified of the task, and they can respond through the system. The task stays open until you close it, so you can easily track the progress of open tasks and hold individuals accountable.

Delaget Coach makes it easy for you and all levels of your organization to understand what’s truly happening in your operation from end-to-end on one, simplified screen.