How Delaget Guard works

The brainy details behind no-brainer loss prevention

Delaget Guard restaurant theft prevention software dramatically reduces loss due to employee theft and error through our unique 7-step process:

1. Set KPIs and thresholds.

It all starts when we work with you to identify the key performance indicators and performance thresholds that best reflect your operating environment. These will be your gauges of success.

2. Gather your data.

Then, your key restaurant data is fed into our data warehouse. We retrieve the data from your point of sale, back of house, voice of customer, drive thru timers, kitchen display systems and inventory management systems to make sure we have a complete picture of what’s happening in each of your stores.

3. Search for outliers.

Our proprietary algorithms comb through your data to identify situations that don’t look quite right. These suspicious characters might be order modifications, excessive coupons, unusual transactions or missing transactions from the drive thru. We also search for instances that may look copacetic on the surface but in reality are fraudulent, like manager discounts appearing when the manager wasn’t on duty.

4. Prescribe action.

We then use these outliers and suspicious scenarios to report on the top four ways your managers can reduce loss in each restaurant, along with a checklist of specific steps they can take to stop theft and better train employees. No laundry list of exceptions- just the most important items that will move the needle. All of this takes the manager about five minutes each day.

5. Provide relevant context.

For those situations where a little more research is needed, managers can see the details of any specific instance down to the ticket details with super-easy-to-use, interactive graphs and charts. With our restaurant theft prevention software, they can see what else might be going on in the restaurant, like time of day, tenure, and restaurant performance, even review corresponding video. All of this helps them separate the honest mistakes and training opportunities from actual employee theft.

6. Report on action.

After they’ve addressed an issue, managers can record the action they took for quick-and-easy closed-loop analysis. And this is all tracked in dashboards that you can monitor, so you’ll know who is doing something about loss and who isn’t.

7. Monetize the opportunity.

Meanwhile, the system estimates the monetary loss at each store based on how far off each instance is from the thresholds you set early on. Then, it presents that information to you visually through interactive graphs. This means that your managers can benchmark their performance and see how they compare to their peers, and your above store leaders can monitor loss potential of a region or the whole system at a glance.

And that’s how Delaget Guard restaurant theft prevention works in a nutshell. By partnering with us, you don’t have to be a data scientist to figure out how to stop losing money to employees. You just turn on the system and, in five minutes a day, know exactly how to save thousands of dollars every year.


Our proprietary checklist algorithms are continually evolving. We constantly test new hypotheses that come from restaurant loss prevention experts, independent research, and customer feedback and add new algorithms to our solutions when these hypotheses prove out. These updates to our algorithms are incorporated into our biweekly product releases, so you’re always getting the very best and latest restaurant theft prevention technology.