How Delaget Stats works

How everything-you-need-in-one-place restaurant reporting works

Delaget Stats is an above-store restaurant reporting and analytics solution like no other, giving you visibility to all your operational data in one system, for quick decision making or in-depth analysis. Here’s how we do it:

1. Gather your data.

Your key restaurant data is fed into our data warehouse and normalized. We retrieve the data from your point of sale, back of house, cameras, voice of customer, drive thru timers, inventory management, and any of your other systems. You’ll have the flexibility to add or subtract technology whenever you choose without restrictions, thanks to Delaget’s unparalleled data integration platform.

2. Select best practice reports.

When you first sign up for Delaget Stats, we’ll share with you the set of standard operational reports we offer for your brand concept across sales, sales mix, product, inventory, labor, and more. And for those times when you need more than a standard report, you can…

3. Easily create custom reports and dashboards.

Build professional-looking reports and dashboards showing exactly what you need, using simple drag-and-drop functionality with flexible formatting. You can even personalize with your logo, colors, fonts, and more.

4. Receive reports how, when, and where you want them.

Set up email subscriptions for all your users based on each individual’s frequency preferences, and receive them directly in your inbox. You have the option to upload multiple calendars and location hierarchies so that you can roll up your business by market view or operational view.

5. Monitor data acquisition.

Delaget Support proactively ensures that all your data is collected correctly and on time. If there is ever a problem in acquiring or loading your data, we’ll reach out to the appropriate members of your team to quickly resolve any issues.

6. Be there for you.

Accurate and timely reporting is mission critical, and our team is available around the clock to support everything from password resets to missing data. We don’t rest until you have exactly the information you need.

7. Hang on to your data.

You never know when you’re going to need historical reports to support a financial audit or a lawsuit like a wrongful termination. We have options to retain and safeguard your data for as long as you need.

Delaget Stats is trusted by more than 12,000 restaurant operators and franchisors to bring them high-value, company-wide metrics quickly and easily. It’s like having your own data warehouse on all your devices.