Webinar: 5 strategies for controlling (and sustaining) your restaurants’ ideal cost of sales (ICOS)

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The cost of food is one of the most expensive line items on your restaurants’ profit and loss statement. And with prices continuing to rise, controlling (and maintaining) your cost of sales (ICOS) is crucial to your franchise’s success. In fact, if one of your store’s ICOS is 1% too high, that could mean $20,000 off bottom line – or more.

Complete the form to view the recorded webinar and you’ll learn strategies for optimizing your restaurants’ profitability, including:

  • Sales forecasting tips to reduce theft and loss
  • Ordering and receiving guidelines
  • Inventory procedures that will reduce common errors
  • Food handling and portioning best practice
  • How to monitor cashier performance for potential theft or loss

Ed HeskettGet to know the presenter

With 40+ years of experience holding leadership roles at a variety of Top 50 QSR Brands, Ed Heskett knows how to run a successful restaurant operation. He’s helped reduce speed of service times by 2 minutes, increase operational efficiencies, create a culture of loss prevention, and build an all-star staff at his stores. He’s currently a Senior Area Coach and Loss Prevention Manager for Border Foods, a 187-unit (and growing!) Taco Bell franchise.

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