The recipe for successful onboarding at your restaurant

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Fact: Research has shown an employee typically decides within the first 30 days of employment if they feel welcomed and will remain with a company. With today’s restaurant industry facing yet another year with turnover rates over 70%, companies have to do all they can to safeguard their hiring process and build employee engagement from day one.

Join us for a special live webinar on Thursday, February 28 from 9:30 – 10:15 a.m. C.T., with guests Chris Roig and Jhané Wilcox from Nextchex. You’ll learn best practices in setting the right tone for new employees from the moment they’re hired. We’ll explore the following topics:

  • Why onboarding matters
  • The four pillars of a successful onboarding process
  • The benefits of an automated onboarding experience
  • And more

We’ll save time at the end of the webinar for Q&A, so bring your questions!

Get to know the presenters

Chris Roig

Chris has been a part of the Netchex team for almost 8 years. He began his career at Netchex as a customer service rep, eventually becoming our customer service manager. Today, in his role as a sales engineer, Chris has not only mastered the Netchex system but also become very adept at our partner systems and understanding how they work together for the benefit of our clients and prospects. Fun fact about Chris is that he loves inshore fishing in the waters around his hometown of New Orleans.

Jhané Wilcox

Jhane’ has been with Netchex for almost 4 year as senior marketing associate. Prior to joining Netchex, she had an extensive career in marketing and advertising which also included a stint as a college professor at the Art Institute of Atlanta. This experience has certainly come in handy when it comes to developing and delivering educational content to both clients and prospects. Fun fact about Jhané is that she is a true Pinterest addict.