Webinar: How to use restaurant reports you get today to transform your business

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Your restaurant reporting contains a treasure trove of operational insights on labor, ICOS, voice of customer, and more. These insights can catapult your profitability, help you retain your team members, and so much more – but only if you act on them.

Learn how to make the most of your reporting in our recorded webinar, “How to use the restaurant reports you get today to transform your business.” You will hear from restaurant expert Ed Heskett, who has held leadership positions across a number of Top 50 brands. He shares:

  • What your daily numbers are saying about your business
  • How to apply yesterday’s successes and shortcomings to today
  • How to right the ship from yesterday’s numbers, early in the day
  • How to develop routines and capabilities in your staff
  • How to address operational issues while information is still fresh

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