Fall forecasting: 5 traps that could be costing you big time

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Like it or not, the change in seasons means changes in sales trends at your restaurants.

When forecasting for fall restaurant sales, many restaurant leaders fall into 5 common traps. Operators and above store leaders: can’t get out of a summer sales mindset, don’t have the appropriate calendars, make poor assumptions on holiday/special day events, don’t know the sales history of their stores, and aren’t prepared or aware of their brand’s new LTOs.

In the webinar, Ed Heskett, a restaurant industry veteran with four decades of experience, covers a real-life sales comparison between the last week of summer and the second week of school. The results may surprise you! Additionally, you’ll learn restaurant sales forecasting strategies and tactics that will help you ramp up your bottom line this fall, including:

  • A sample fall calendar of holidays and events
  • What to look for in a net sales comparison
  • An easy-to-use sales forecasting calculation
  • And more!

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