Jump start your profitability with Delaget restaurant solutions

Pizza HutSee hard dollar returns in days, not months, in your Pizza Hut restaurants

In the dynamic pizza business, two truths remain constant when it comes to profitability:

  1. You need to know what’s going on in your restaurants
  2. You have to act quickly to shut down loss and capitalize on revenue opportunities

For both of these, you need actionable data. This is where we can help:

Above store reporting, just for Pizza Hut
Get a complete view of your data with Delaget Stats restaurant reporting, including 30 Pizza Hut-specific reports like the Daily Business Summary.

Loss prevention and team productivity tools
Pinpoint opportunities for improving your margins with Delaget Guard’s actionable checklists, employee and store ranking, and analysis tools.

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Get Delaget Stats above store reporting for less than you’re paying now!

For only $15/month, you’ll get Delaget Stats, including:

  • The Daily Business Summary for Pizza Hut and more than 30 Pizza Hut-specific reports
  • The ability to drill down to transactions or roll up to above store views
  • Consolidated view of your data from SUS/FMS, eRs, and SMG
  • Automated subscriptions that send reports directly to your inbox
  • All the data you need to drive improvements in every area of your business

Special pricing ends December 15, 2018.


Eliminate the guesswork with Delaget Guard

What if you could pinpoint underperforming team members and give your managers and above store leaders the transaction details they need to immediately and specifically address issues? What would that do for your location performance and net sales?

Delaget Guard is a loss prevention solution that goes way beyond exception reporting to help your restaurant managers, above store leaders, and loss prevention specialists reduce employee error and theft, and improve team member performance.

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High-adoption users of Delaget Guard save $14K per store, per year, over non-Delaget Guard usersStores who use Delaget Guard have 10x fewer discounts than stores who don't use Delaget Guard, saving $550+/month

Taco Bell stores who use Delaget Guard have 3x fewer voids and refunds than stores who don't use Delaget Guard, saving $275/monthAll this, plus reduced time analyzing reports, greater labor efficiency, greater employee retention, improved guest satisfaction, reduced food costs, and increased net sales

Pizza Hut franchise accelerates growth with Delaget Stats


“Delaget Stats helps us identify specifically which restaurants are causing us our biggest pain points. It provides me with single-touch access to the data I need every day. It just shows up in my inbox, which is fantastic.”

– Jason Harbison, Operations Analyst at Wisconsin Hospitality Group, Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut integrations

Getting started with Delaget is a breeze, because our solutions already integrate with most of Pizza Hut’s other technology partners. Here are a few:


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