QSR pricing for our software solutions

Delaget Guard, Delaget Coach, and Delaget Stats

Annual pre-pay subscription

Save 17% when you pre-pay with an annual subscription!
 One SolutionTwo SolutionsThree Solutions Best Deals
1 store$49/mo$92/mo$125/mo
2-24 stores$47/mo$87/mo$119/mo
25-74 stores$44/mo$83/mo$112/mo
75+Give us a call
Give us a call

Month-to-month subscription

 One SolutionTwo SolutionsThree Solutions
1 store$59/mo$111/mo$150/mo
2-24 stores$56/mo$105/mo$143/mo
25-74 stores$53/mo$100/mo$135/mo
75+Give us a call

All subscriptions include:

  • All software updates and feature enhancements
  • Unlimited users
  • Training and support
  • DVR integration
  • Option for unlimited data retention
  • Mobile access (Delaget Guard and Delaget Coach only)

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Pricing for Delaget Books

Pricing for our payroll and accounting services, Delaget Books, is tailored for each client, based on your requirements, preferences, organizational structure, and size. We’ll work together with you to identify the best solution for your needs.

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Getting rolling with Delaget solutions is incredibly easy. Contact us at 1-888-DELAGET or shoot us an email at sales@delaget.com. You’ll be assigned a Customer Support Manager immediately and will be up-and-running in as quickly as a few days.