Delaget solutions for restaurant owners

Boost same-store sales and accelerate unit growth

Using Delaget solutions, franchise owners and presidents can focus on running great operations. All our solutions are designed from the restaurant franchisee perspective, to equip you to grow at a record pace while simplifying your operation. We do this in three ways:

1. Make the most of your data

Through Delaget Connect, we consolidate your data sources to give you a holistic view of your operation and free you from the daily grind of managing your imports and exports.

2. Elevate your store level and above store teams

We use this data in reporting and analytics applications used at the store and above store levels to support fast decision making and action.

3. Eliminate accounting and payroll headaches

Our accounting and payroll team will manage all your home office administrative work so that you can focus on your restaurants.

Case study

See how a KFC franchisee turns around poor employee performance and reduces food costs with Delaget Guard

Delaget Guard screen on a tablet with Delaget Guard logo

Data warehousing & management

Restaurant reporting & analytics

Loss prevention

Operational efficiency

Outsourced payroll and accounting