The new face of Delaget

A brand refresh for Delaget has been a long time coming. Our logo and color palette weren’t a priority for our founders, nearly 20 years ago. They were worried about more practical matters.

We began as a research project in the basement of a Taco Bell franchise, with no more fanfare than an internal memo announcing that conference room B50 would now be occupied by a group of developers working on a company-wide reporting tool. Since those humble beginnings and our subsequent spin-off, we’ve evolved into a 100-person insights company, with a suite of solutions that, for nearly two decades, has been quietly transforming the way restaurant operators use data to make savvy business decisions.

While we didn’t intend to be a well-kept secret, our focus was never on self-promotion. Instead, we’ve always kept our eye squarely on developing the highest-caliber solutions that help our customers run smarter, tighter, more profitable operations.

This proved to be fantastic for our solutions but not so great for our business. Awareness grew largely by word-of-mouth (i.e., slowly). Restaurant operators outside of our immediate circle didn’t know what we did or how we could help them. Many of our own loyal customers didn’t even know we offered more than one solution.

It was time to take our branding seriously. And so we embarked on a journey to clarify through our brand who we are and how we can help, as well as to better share our culture, values, and personality.

We began with our new logo.

The icon represents a stylized fox’s head, symbolizing both wisdom and agility. The fox is also seen as an advisor, providing guidance on swiftly finding your way around obstacles. The fox ties closely to our mission, to show our customers the wisdom within their data and recommend actions that help them quickly address issues and capitalize on opportunities.

The “Smarter Wins” tagline speaks to the competitive advantage our solutions bring, in this super-competitive market. Our color palette is vibrant and friendly. Our tone is intelligent and researched yet infused with energy and practicality.

Other changes you’ll see with our brand refresh is that we’re making it easier than ever to improve your business with operational best practices, tips from industry experts, and ideas from your peers who have found success. Check out our resources page or subscribe to our monthly Rocket Fuel newsletter or OpsWise video series to learn more.

We’re also making it easier to do a whole lot of other stuff, too, like understand our solutions and how you can benefit from them. Our solution pages now have recorded demos, more detailed product information, an ROI calculator, and a Live Chat feature in case you have a quick question.  

What hasn’t changed is who we are. Our new branding just better reveals what was there all along. We’re smart, flexible, practical and friendly (we’re Midwesterners, after all). We always have and always will provide you with the foundation, insights, and resources you need to run the smartest, most profitable restaurant operation possible.

We’re the new Delaget, and we’re happy to meet you.