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+Recovery automatically disputes canceled and adjusted orders to recover lost delivery revenue. Using our Smart Technology, you’ll maximize payouts from delivery aggregators and increase the profitability of your delivery channel.

Delaget +Recovery is Newk’s Eatery’s official preferred delivery recovery partner. 

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Reclaim your cash, and improve sales without any effort.

+Recovery for Newk's

Automated process allows for maximum
payouts and full control over process

+Recovery for Newk's

Zero effort required, and zero setup fees
necessary to get started.

+Recovery for Newk's

World-class, in-house US-based, support team
and dedicated success managers

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Frequently Asked Questions

+Recovery has no fixed cost & setup is done in a single phone call that typically takes 10-15 minutes.

We’ll invoice you for a percentage of the recovered revenue. Begin the sign-up process above to learn more from a Delaget recovery expert.

Delaget +Recovery leverages smart technology to recover more money in the most efficient way – no humans required. This is what allows us to be the least expensive, most effective solution available to operators.

Delaget Recovery product disputes and recovers orders on your behalf and the orders we recover go directly into your weekly deposit from the Delivery service provider (DSP).  No money is exchanged between the DSP and Delaget.  You will be invoiced monthly for a percentage of what we recovered.