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Reclaim your revenue, margin, and time with restaurant management solutions designed for YOU 

As the only KFC recommended and fully-supported loss prevention software provider, Delaget has been working with KFC to customize our reporting, analytics, and payroll and accounting solutions to meet your specific needs.

The results have been powerful
KFC restaurants using Delaget solutions have:

  • Decreased losses by 25% in four weeks 
  • Spotted 57 cases of theft in four months, saving the company $35,000 
  • Increased sales by 5%

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Featured KFC partner: JRN, Inc.

Learn how JRN, Inc., a 154-unit KFC franchise, increased net sales, improved store culture, and spotted employee theft by using Delaget Guard.

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As a KFC franchise, you can benefit from some distinct advantages when using Delaget solutions. 

Industry-leading solutions customized for KFC

Delaget solutions have been customized to meet the specific needs of KFC franchises. Many of your brand requirements have already been incorporated into our solutions. For example, our loss prevention solution, Delaget Guard, is already set up to track the loss metrics that are important for KFC, like small transactions, manager deletes, and customer giveaways. 

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Seamless integration with the only KFC recommended DVR system

With Delaget’s exclusive integration with Envysion, you can identify, validate, and resolve loss and operational issues from a single sign on. No more wasting time toggling between systems.

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Discounted pricing by a preferred provider

As a Yum! preferred provider, we are offering you a reduced-rate for all of our software solutions. Pricing is based on volume, so the more franchises that sign up, the lower everyone’s rate will be. We offer annual and month-to-month subscriptions. Contact us for rate information.

Super fast and easy start-up

Get started on any of our SaaS (software as a service) solutions in no time! We’ve already configured our solutions for your brand requirements and integrated with many Yum! point of sale and back of house systems. In many cases, you can be up and running in a matter of hours.