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DelaGet Restaurant Analyitics
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Welcome to DelaGet!

Take your business to the next level by leveraging the innovative power of DelaGet. We offer accounting, payroll, loss prevention and restaurant reporting services as part of our unique restaurant analytics platform.

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We're experienced market leaders who know the restaurant industry, first hand. What we know, what we see and what we do defines the standard for restaurant information services and analytics - every day.

We see the multi-unit restaurants of today as data factories. Putting out incredible volumes of valuable information daily. Within that data is opportunity. Insight. Power. To evolve, to change and to succeed. You just have to know how to tap into it. That's where we come in.

We turn mounds of data into actionable insights in seconds, not days. Whether loss prevention, reporting, analytics or accounting and payroll we drive revenue and grow your bottom line.

Your data, our technology. Together, we make it happen. So Get the Experts. Get Results.