In store

Make your store managers more effective with fast, specific, and contextualized information

Keep your RGMs crystal clear on priorities, performance, and how to improve their store.

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Be ready where the rubber meets the road

Using Delaget solutions, you put your priorities front-and-center with store-level dashboards and checklists that focus on only the information the RGM needs.

Drive results (and a little competition)

Store managers can track their performance, and contextualized results show their progress against goals as well as how they stack up against their peers – which has been known to spark a little healthy competition.

Make every RGM a staffing superstar

Using Delaget solutions, your RGMs will know who needs operational training, who’s knocking it out of the park, and everyone in between. Give them the information they need to coach effectively.

Get the details they need

Give your restaurant managers all the information they need to make smart, fast decisions. With the ability to drill down to the ticket level, your RGMs can see detailed data on transactions, employees, shifts, estimated losses, and more.

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