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Restaurant management software for all levels of your organization

Leverage your data to grow your restaurant enterprise faster and easier while simplifying your IT needs.

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Insulate your business from data issues

Whether you have one brand or several, you’ll never worry again about integrating your systems or managing imports and exports. With Delaget’s fully-managed data warehouse called Delaget Connect, you’ll get a consolidated view of your data and be able to add or subtract systems at any time, without impacting your team. (No IT needed!)

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Get the whole picture

Analyze company-wide metrics into the overall health of your business and spot trends and patterns affecting your profitability using the powerful reporting analytics tool Delaget Stats. You can even compare performance across multiple brands.

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Monitor performance from the top down

Keep an eye on all levels of your organization using Delaget Stats, including area and store rankings and the who, why, and how behind the performance. Spot the outliers and predict future trends with accuracy.

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Keep everyone on the same page

All of our software solutions help your team stay in sync by arming home staff, above store leaders, and store managers with the same data, presented in the exactly-right view for their needs.
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