Offset your labor costs with Delaget Guard

Combat rising labor costs at your Hardee’s restaurants with Delaget Guard

Hardee's logoOffset your labor costs with the only loss prevention tool that improves employee productivity, engagement, and retention while dramatically reducing instances of employee theft and error.

Using Delaget Guard, you’ll protect your human capital by directly addressing the causes of loss instead of terminating staff or allowing employees to struggle.

More than 2,500 restaurants are improving their margins with Delaget Guard. Let’s schedule some time to talk about how we can help you.

Eliminate the guesswork with Delaget Guard

What if you could pinpoint underperforming employees and give your managers and above store leaders the transaction details they need to immediately and specifically address issues? What would that do for your location performance and net sales?

Delaget Guard is a loss prevention solution that goes way beyond exception reporting to help your restaurant managers, above store leaders, and loss prevention specialists reduce employee error and theft, and improve employee performance.


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High-adoption users of Delaget Guard save $14K per store, per year, over non-Delaget Guard usersRestaurants that use Delaget Guard have 10x fewer discounts than stores who don't use Delaget Guard, saving $550+/month

Taco Bell stores who use Delaget Guard have 3x fewer voids and refunds than stores who don't use Delaget Guard, saving $275/monthAll this, plus reduced time analyzing reports, greater labor efficiency, greater employee retention, improved guest satisfaction, reduced food costs, and increased net sales

Franchise turns around poor employee performance and reduces food costs with Delaget Guard

“In the past, we’ve had to fire employees for poor performance, but now with Delaget Guard, I can identify employees who aren’t ringing in orders correctly or are having other issues and provide them the training they need. The software has saved us from having to terminate employees, which is huge.”

– Kelley Poindexter, President and CEO at Poindexter and Son

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Actionable checklists

When they log in to Delaget Guard, your managers and area coaches will see a short checklist of high-priority actions they can take to reduce loss in their stores, based on the highest-impact areas of opportunity and backed by transactional details. They will have everything they need to address operational issues and improve employee performance through training, coaching, or disciplinary actions.

Employee grading and ranking

Employee performance pages show day-by-day breakdowns of debit voids, discounts, order voids, and more. The system calculates each employee’s daily estimated losses and grades them based on how they’re performing against your company’s goals. Your managers and area coaches can quickly identify which employees are struggling or have suspicious transactions so they can immediately provide the needed training, encouragement, or disciplinary actions.

Analysis tools with transaction-level detail

Restaurant managers and area coaches can see exactly what’s driving store performance by drilling into employee data and transaction tickets. They can even see video surveillance footage side-by-side with POS transaction details to validate theft and provide supporting evidence for case management. Finding, validating, and acting on employee theft becomes incredibly fast and easy.

A few words from our customers

“Delaget Guard is the best tool I’ve ever used to uncover loss and theft at my restaurants. I’m able to spend more time in stores being the leader, coach, and mentor I want to be.”
– Kevin Conrad, Director of Operations, Bravo Foods

“I know that Delaget Guard has had a substantial impact, both in theft and from an operational standpoint. I would definitely say that Delaget Guard has exceeded my expectations.”
– Amy Boshears, VP of Operations, Wisconsin Hospitality Group

Hardee’s integrations

Getting started with Delaget is a breeze, because our solutions already integrate with other Hardee’s technologies, including StarPOS and Xpient.

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We were born of a restaurant franchise in 1999 and remain deeply connected within the industry today. This means our solutions complement the way restaurant operators work and address the unique challenges you face.

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