Delaget Guard

No-brainer loss prevention

Save $10K+ every year, the easy way

Traditional restaurant loss prevention techniques have you spending hours searching for loss, and then you have to figure out if it’s real, if it’s significant, and what to do about it.

Make it easy on yourself and your restaurant managers with Delaget Guard loss prevention software for restaurants.

In just 5 minutes a day, you’ll know the critical employee theft issues that are draining your bottom line and the exact steps needed to stop it. Our average customer sees a savings of $10,000 or more per store, per year.

72-unit Pizza Hut franchise has “eye popping” savings with Delaget’s loss prevention solution

“I know that Delaget Guard has had a substantial impact, both in theft and from an operational standpoint. I would definitely say that Guard has exceeded my expectations.”

– Amy Boshears, VP of Operations Analyst at Wisconsin Hospitality Group (WHG)

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  • Access information on your mobile phone or tablet while you’re on the road
  • Quickly see exactly where loss is happening and how much revenue is at risk for each store
  • Identify operational issues as well as employee theft
  • Monitor what’s happening in each of your restaurants including which of your managers is acting on loss prevention recommendations (and which aren’t)
  • Follow recommended daily checklist items to attack top 4 loss issues affecting your store
  • Track and compare individual employee performance to give timely and specific coaching
  • Drill down to the ticket level to see details on transactions and employees
  • Watch corresponding video footage to confirm theft incidents
  • Monitor trends and rankings for your store

Key features

  • Prioritized, actionable checklists
  • Estimated loss view showing monetary impact
  • Grading and ranking for employees and stores
  • Manager alerts when performance thresholds have been exceeded
  • Analysis tools with transaction-level detail
  • Works on any device


  • Gives you insight into what’s driving store performance
  • Makes finding and acting on loss easy for managers
  • Reduces cost and complexity of researching loss
  • Shows return on loss prevention investments
  • Provides high-value guidance on coaching employees
  • Keeps all levels of the organization informed

A few words from our customers

“The checklist on Delaget Guard helps me go straight to the important transactions I need to look at. I don’t have to hunt for refund reports anymore. You got a problem? A question? In a click, there’s your answer.”
Bobby Bange, Above Store Leader at The Hodges Management Company, a a 30-unit KFC, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen franchise based in Georgia

“Choosing our preferred loss prevention suite was not something we took lightly. We selected Delaget for their extensive experience in the quick service restaurant industry, ability to handle the security demands of a large operation, and because their solution, Delaget Guard, is exceptional at identifying loss and prescribing action.”
Chris Caldwell, Chief Information Officer for KFC U.S.

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Point of sale integrations (are these true for Guard, not just Stats?)

Here are some of the POS and back-of-house systems integrated with Delaget Guard. We’re also integrated with dozens of voice of customer, video surveillance, inventory management, financial, accounting, and payroll systems.