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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought daunting challenges to the restaurant industry, leaving operators searching for solutions for keeping their businesses viable. We’d like to help with free access to our restaurant dashboard called Delaget Coach, including new COVID-19 Data Support.

In this period of uncertainty, data can be a lifeline to sustaining your business. With a dynamic day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour, view of what’s happening in your restaurants, you can make fast, informed decisions to maximize sales and minimize losses.

With Delaget Coach, you’ll understand daily sales and transactions, sales by channel, labor and food costs, and a lot more. And, right now, it’s totally free.

We’re continuously getting feedback from our customers on new functionality that will help manage the COVID-19 impact and incorporating those ideas into Delaget Coach. If you have suggestions for additional functionality, we invite you to provide your ideas directly to our Product Development team.

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If you’re new to Delaget, you can get free access to Delaget Coach if you use Micros as your POS system. Request access by submitting the form to the right.

If you’re a Delaget customer, you already have access to the free version of Delaget Coach with COVID-19 Data Support. Just go the navigation menu in your Delaget software and click the Delaget Coach button. Then click the orange COVID-19 Data Support button to go straight to the metrics our customers have found most useful for managing the COVID-19 situation. Submit the form to the right to request a walkthrough of these new features from your Client Success Manager.


Delaget Coach is the lifeblood of our operations – quote from Erich Moxley, Franchisee at Diversified Restaurant Group

What is Delaget Coach?

An easy-to-use dashboard that gives you valuable insight into how your restaurants are performing across multiple key performance metrics – like sales, food cost, speed of service, labor cost, or customer satisfaction


COVID-19 Data Support, with timely information on your daily sales dollars and number of transactions, sales channel results, and an hourly sales breakdown (additional COVID-19-related functionality is being released ongoing)

A powerful tool for drilling down into your metrics to identify trends and outliers in your stores’ performance

Why are we giving this away for free?

The health and wellbeing of our customers, our employees, and the restaurant community is of the utmost importance to us.

By offering free access to key information, we hope to help restaurant operators be better equipped to make quick, informed decisions that improve their businesses and keep the restaurant industry healthy.

For operators who want it, an upgraded version of Delaget Coach is available with additional features like drill-downs into additional metrics, task management, and customizable performance thresholds. Upgrading is purely optional, and the free version of Delaget Coach is available to you as long as you want it.

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