Delaget Stats videos

See for yourself all the ways you can leverage this flexible reporting and analytics tool

Delaget Stats demo

Watch this video to get an in-depth look into Delaget Stats software. We’ll show you how Delaget Stats pulls together data from all your restaurant systems and gives you tools to customize the reports you need so you can get actionable insights into your business.


Flexible, customized reporting

Meet Brad. Brad is a Business Analyst for a QSR franchise called Delightful Foods, that operates a 36-unit hamburger business. We’ll show you how Brad uses Delaget Stats to save hours of work each week and get invaluable insights from Delaget Stats’ flexible, customizable reports.


Easily see and act on trends in your QSR business

Nancy is a financial analyst for a QSR franchise with multiple brands. In this video, you’ll get an insider look at how she can pull year-over-year sales reports for any time period and any locations, any time she wants – giving her the ability to quickly act on financial trends.


Case study with Wisconsin Hospitality Group

Jason Harbison is an Operations Analyst with Wisconsin Hospitality Group, the state’s largest food service franchisor with 118 stores. In this video case study, you’ll hear firsthand how Jason has instant access to all the sales, inventory, employee and other critical data he needs using Delaget Stats, while saving 2-3 hours each day.