Propel your restaurant’s growth with faster, smarter decisions

The next generation of above-store reporting puts you in the driver’s seat

Business challenges

You have tons of data, yet you can’t get a clear picture of your business. Every one of your software systems generates reports, but they have limited information and are silo-ed, leaving you to manually compile the reports you really need. You’re going to multiple systems, copying and pasting data from here to there, or building your own macros just to get at critical information you need to make informed decisions. To make matters worse, you just don’t have time for ad hoc analysis, leaving money on the table and problems unidentified.

If you’re like many restaurateurs:

  • You’re inundated with data from isolated technologies that can’t deliver what you need for in-depth analyses
  • You’re spending unnecessary hours pulling data and compiling reports
  • You’re missing important, top-level insights about what’s impacting your business and limiting growth

How this affects you

You and your team are spending multiple hours a week – or even every day – creating and distributing reports

It’s difficult (or even impossible) for you to get a complete picture of your business, costing you thousands in both top-line and bottom-line growth

Decision-making is slow and partly guesswork, which means you’re at risk for poor results and missed opportunities


…you have to piece together information from multiple systems to get a companywide view of your business

…you’re tired of manually compiling reports and would rather spend your time coaching employees, talking with customers, or staying on top of the competition

…you want to be able to conduct ad hoc analyses and create professional-looking reports, without help from IT


You need modern, restaurant reporting that centralizes your data, so you can quickly and easily get answers to all your business questions. You need to access data from across your operation and the tools to explore your data, build custom reports and dashboards, and distribute the right information to your team, all in one place.

What if you …?

  • …could go to one place to see data from across all your systems, stores, and concepts and view it holistically or zoom down to the store level?
  • …had total control of how you see your data, with the power to create customized reports and dashboards in mere minutes?
  • …could get exactly the information you want, emailed to your inbox on the schedule you choose?

What’s in it for you

Answers to all your business questions, from the enterprise and above store levels down to the store detail

Dramatically less time spent building reports and conducting analyses

Customized reports and dashboards showing exactly what you need, without IT support

What it is

Delaget Stats is a reporting and analysis tool that puts you in the driver’s seat. From one central hub, you get visibility into everything from your sales and inventory to labor and speed of service.

With Delaget Stats, you get to choose exactly how you view your data. You’re not limited by a set of canned reports, because you have the power to create exactly what you need. Using the system’s simple drag-and-drop functionality, you’ll be able to visualize your data with charts and graphs, build dashboards, set filters and thresholds, and add new calculations. It’s all in your hands.

Get deeper insights from a complete set of accurate reports, not available from POS or BOH reporting alone

  • Know how you’re performing in all areas of your business in seconds
  • Get a top-level, consolidated view or drill down into the details
  • Review reports at the restaurant level, across groups of restaurants, or across your entire business
  • Identify trends that are impacting sales, labor, inventory, loss, and more

Easily create new reports and dashboards using simple drag-and-drop functionality and flexible formatting

  • Design the layout to fit your needs, choosing the data you want to see and controlling the output
  • Create complex, multi-level pivot tables to get different views of your data
  • Build professional-looking reports and dashboards without IT support

Create visualizations like charts and graphs to see your data in a whole new light

  • Spot trends and anomalies at a glance
  • Easily compare data sets by displaying multiple charts in a single visualization
  • Make color coding a snap with the system’s conditional formatting that assigns colors and reference lines to chart data

Perform ad hoc analyses with ease using an advanced and easy-to-use interface

  • Conduct in-depth analyses at the location, area, region or enterprise level
  • Slice and dice your reporting in seconds, any way you want
  • Filter data easily

Set up report subscriptions to make distribution super easy

  • Make sure you and your team never miss a report
  • Receive reports emailed directly to your inbox, exactly when you want to receive them
  • Schedule subscriptions on any interval you choose
  • Build and access your reports anytime, anywhere, from desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.