Propel your restaurant’s growth with better reporting.

Get the full view of your operation for faster, smarter decisions.

Business challenges
You need to know what’s happening everywhere in your operation so you can make smart decisions that drive growth. Unfortunately, your point of sale (POS) and back of house (BOH) reports only show you a slice of your business. You’re getting separate reports from each of your technology systems, with no easy way to bring the data together, scrub it to ensure the data is complete and properly formatted, and analyze it. Lacking this company-wide view, you don’t have visibility to significant opportunities or issues simmering in your restaurants.
When you only use POS and BOH reports that don’t integrate with your other systems:

  • You’re missing important, top-level insights about what’s impacting your business and limiting growth
  • You’re spending unnecessary hours going back-and-forth between systems, pulling data and trying to connect the dots via spreadsheets
  • You’re inundated with data from isolated technologies that can’t deliver what you need for in-depth analyses


How this affects you
It’s difficult (or even impossible) for you to get a complete picture of your business, costing you thousands in both top-line and bottom-line growth. Pulling and reviewing data manually is eating up time you could be spending in the field with employees and customers

Decision-making is slow and partly guesswork, which means you’re at risk for poor results and missed opportunities

What if you could…?
…scan company-wide results in seconds, and access data from all of your locations and technology systems in one central hub?

…make fast, informed decisions from a complete set of accurate reports?

…get exactly the information you want, emailed to your inbox on the schedule you choose?


…you have to piece together information from multiple systems to get a companywide view of your business

…you’re tired of manual processes and would rather spend your time coaching employees, talking with customers, or staying on top of
the competition

…you want the flexibility to use any BOH or other technology system and still get an integrated view of your data

More than 10,000 customers use Delaget Stats, with a 95%+ retention rate

You need one, central hub where you can access all your data, quickly and easily see company-wide results, track trends, and act on opportunities. You need a solution that delivers a complete set of accurate reports that allow you to conduct in-depth analyses at all levels of your business. And you need the ability to add or subtract technology whenever you want, including changing your BOH system.


What’s in it for you
Better, faster decisions that will propel your
restaurant’s growth

More time to spend in the field or on strategizing
your business

The freedom to use whatever technology you choose, now and in the future


What it is
Delaget Stats is a comprehensive restaurant reporting solution that brings together data from across all of your systems, providing you with high-value, company-wide metrics quickly and easily. It’s like having your own data warehouse on all of your devices. You can track trends, conduct ad hoc analyses, and stay on top of your entire business all from one system.

Get deeper insights from a complete set of accurate reports, not available from POS or BOH reporting alone

  • Know how you’re performing in all areas of your business in seconds
  • Get a top-level, consolidated view or drill down into the details
  • Review reports at the restaurant level, across groups of restaurants, or across your entire business
  • Identify trends that are impacting sales, labor, inventory, loss, and more

Perform analyses with ease by having all your data in one location and scrubbed for the most accurate and useful insights

  • Conduct in-depth analyses at the location, area, region or enterprise level
  • Slice and dice your reporting in seconds, any way you want
  • Quickly see each restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses

Save hours of time every week spent jumping between systems by getting the information you need, delivered directly to your inbox

  • Choose from an arsenal of standard reports or customize your own
  • Set up subscriptions and receive reports in your inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom schedule
  • Access your reports anytime, anywhere, from desktop,
    mobile, or tablet devices

Have the flexibility to add or subtract technology solutions, now and in the future, with Delaget’s unparalleled data integration platform

  • Change your BOH or other systems as often as you choose
  • Add new technologies without restrictions

Onboard smoothly and get help when you need it

  • Start off on the right foot with advice and support from a dedicated team of Delaget experts, led by a Customer Success Consultant who partners with you to understand your vision
  • Make the most of Delaget Stats with training available whenever you need it
  • Get quick answers anytime, when you reach out to our Support Desk, ready to help via phone, email or chat