Run a world-class loss prevention program as if you had all the time in the world—for just a few minutes each day.

75% of employees steal at some point

Business challenges

Employee error and theft is a major contributor to loss for restaurants. In fact, the numbers are alarming: 75% of employees steal at some point, and the average QSR loses 5% of sales to theft. Gone. But finding where the loss is happening and knowing what to do about it may seem insurmountable—maybe not even worth the effort.

  • Researching loss is time consuming, and it’s difficult for you to measure the effectiveness.
  • Exception reports are not prescriptive; you still need to figure out how to address problems.
  • It’s hard to know where it pays to spend time resolving an issue and what isn’t worth the bother.

How this affects you

Your already-razor-thin margins are squeezed even further.

You don’t have a clear understanding of what to do to improve your operations at the store or area level.

Customer experience is suffering from employees who aren’t proficient in their roles.


…You’re overwhelmed with data but don’t feel any smarter.

…You’re constantly striving to improve your customers’ experience.

…You want to reclaim margin while making life easier for you and your managers.


  • You need a solution that makes loss prevention easy and delivers significant dollars back to your bottom line.
  • You need a solution that does more than just shoot out a pile of exception reports or give you a myopic view of only one of your restaurant systems.
  • You need an integrated system that serves up a smart list of actionable tasks that will move the needle.

What if you could…?

  • …empower your restaurant managers to quickly identify and proactively address areas of concern?
  • …dedicate more time to driving sales in your restaurants and minimize time on loss prevention?
  • …provide concrete training and coaching on loss prevention that discourages employee theft and reinforces company guidelines?

Restaurant operators using Delaget Guard reduce loss by 25-40%, which equates to $10k+ per store, per year

What’s in it for you

More money back in your pocket—Delaget clients see a savings of $10k+ per store, per year.

Higher-performing employees who are well versed in your processes.

Happier customers enjoying top-notch service.



See how it works

What it is

Delaget Guard is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), loss prevention solution that is designed to empower restaurant managers, above restaurant leaders, and loss prevention specialists to deter theft and reduce employee error

Make any manager a loss prevention pro with actionable checklists.

  • Reduces the cost and complexity of researching loss.
  • Recommends actions for highest-impact areas of concern.
  • Promotes healthy loss prevention habits

See whats what’s at stake with the Estimated Loss view.

  • Monetizes losses, revealing impact to the bottom line
  • Shows return on loss prevention investments
  • Provides a benchmark for store performance comparisons

Make loss prevention easy for your managers with the Restaurant View.

  • Grades employees and ranks stores and areas based on performance
  • Provides instant insight into restaurant performance versus your company’s standards
  • Alerts managers when performance thresholds have been exceeded, provides supporting details, and recommends actions

Monitor what’s happening in your restaurants with the Above Restaurant view.

  • Enables above restaurant leaders to proactively eliminate loss by coaching managers
  • Shows degree that each store is acting on loss prevention recommendations, so managers can be held accountable and coached

Analysis tools give you detail down to the transaction level.

  • Give you insight into what is driving store performance
  • Provide visibility into all employees and tickets
  • Integrate with your video surveillance system to provide supporting evidence for case management

Use the system on your schedule. Delaget Guard’s responsive design:

  • Works on any device
  • Works from any location