Master your data with Delaget Connect

“Introducing new technology can break my business processes and take my focus away from mission-critical activities.”

Business challenges

Managing your restaurants’ technology and growing operations is becoming increasingly onerous and risky. Restaurant software changes can be especially expensive and disruptive. Whether it’s a new POS, drive-thru timer, or any other restaurant management software, adopting new technology is painful.

  • Your systems don’t talk to each other and have limited documentation and support, leaving your team to piece everything together and troubleshoot.
  • Setting up new restaurant software to share data with your existing solutions is a major undertaking requiring specialized knowledge, and the process could take months. You run into the same problem when it’s time to make a change to your exports.
  • Bringing all your data together to get a big picture view of your business and support business analytics is nearly impossible, especially if you have multiple brand concepts.

How this affects you

Introducing new restaurant software can break your business processes and takes your focus away from mission-critical activities.

You’re wasting hours of time each week on IT that could be spent on growth strategies.

Adopting new technology is so cost- and time-intensive, you only make changes when you have to, preventing you from considering new solutions that could help you make game-changing improvements.


…you find it difficult or expensive to change or add new systems and integrate them with your data warehouse or existing business processes

…you aren’t staffed to manage the considerable burden of dealing with a portfolio of disparate systems that make daily management of your data difficult and expensive

…you have (or would like to have) multiple brand concepts, multiplying your data integration and data management challenges



You need Delaget Connect, a fully-managed data warehouse solution, so that you no longer need to invest time, money, or people in managing your data. You’ll be able to grow and scale your franchise and choose whatever technology is best for you, without having to worry about implementation or ongoing support and troubleshooting.

You won’t have to add IT resources or hire a consultant. Instead, you’ll have a predictable and reliable data collection process that produces consistent, high-quality data ready to share with your other software systems. And if you have more than one brand, you’ll be able to consolidate data across all your concepts for vastly-improved visibility and accurate cross-brand analysis.

What if you could…?

  • …focus 100% of your attention on restaurant operations and never worry about technology again?
  • …change any of your systems as easily as downloading a new app?
  • …ensure all of your systems now and in the future integrated effortlessly with your data warehouse and business processes

What’s in it for you

Freedom from IT burdens and disruptions, giving you more time to focus on store operations and customer experience

More stable operations, because all your data will be reliable, consistent, accurate, and compliant

The opportunity to pick and choose exactly the restaurant management software that will best benefit your business without IT worries or limitations

What it is

Delaget Connect brings together the data from all your technology solutions into one data warehouse where the data is cleaned and prepared for use in analysis or to share across other software systems and business processes. We’ll keep your data secure and store it for future reference.

The platform significantly alleviates your IT burden, insulating you from the technological challenges of adopting new systems or meeting new export requirements. And for operators with multiple brands, you’ll be able to consolidate and compare performance across all your concepts.

Any system in, any system out. We’ll integrate with any data source you have to bring you a consolidated, consistent view of your operation.

  • Whether it’s mandated by your franchisor or a change of your own choosing, you’ll be able to implement new restaurant software solutions while maintaining a smooth operation.
  • We’ll build and manage exports to any of your home-office systems like payroll, banks, ERP, and reporting.
  • You can add or subtract best-in-class point solutions at any time, without impacting your team or adding resources.

Data acquisition support. We’ll provide proactive tools and reports to ensure data from every one of your systems is complete and correct.

  • We’ll identify any missing files and offer options to help you track them down.
  • Our Customer Success Managers will keep you informed of recurring issues and strategies to resolve them, so that you can always keep improving your business.

End-to-end management. We’ll handle the daily oversight and hands-on management of your data that’s critical for an efficient, secure, and compliant operation.

  • In addition to our support desk, we’ll proactively monitor your system 24/7 to quickly identify and address any issues that arise.
  • We’ll handle all software updates, security patches, daily backups, and user/location administration.
  • We’ll even conduct impact analyses of new restaurant software on your current processes, provide data needed to support Department of Labor compliance audits, and handle changes requested to comply with regulatory laws.