You’ve discovered a feature of Delaget Coach Growth!

When you upgrade to Delaget Coach Growth version, you’ll make a bigger impact on your business, by diving even deeper into the metrics that matter to you.

Upgrade to Delaget Coach Growth

Here’s what you’ll get with your Delaget Coach upgrade:

Free version

Get a quick overview of how your business is doing, all on one screen

Export data from Delaget Coach to a spreadsheet

Set up subscriptions to send daily updates right to your inbox

Never purchase, install, or maintain any hardware for Delaget Coach

Drill down into your Sales data, where you can rack and stack at the area or location level

Upgrade to Delaget Coach Growth!

Everything in Delaget Coach Free, plus:

In addition to your Sales data, you can drill down into all other data in your dashboard

Keep your team on track with workflow management

Change your default performance thresholds at the company or store level at any time

Maximize your success with dedicated training and support

Get deep insights into your business when you drill down into all your restaurant data, not just Sales data

  • Click on any tile on your dashboard to get more insight into your drive-thru speed of service, customer satisfaction, labor, food cost, or other key restaurant data
  • Rack and stack your locations or areas, and sort and filter data with ease
  • Understand trends in your metrics, with data visualizations

Keep your team on track with in-app workflows

  • When you identify an issue that needs attention, streamline communication with your team by creating and assigning tasks right from within the app
  • Access tasks within Delaget Coach, or send them via email

Measure your stores’ performance against custom thresholds

  • With key metric performance thresholds, you’ll see at a glance which areas or locations are crushing it and which ones are struggling
  • Get the most meaningful insights from your data by customizing your default performance thresholds, or setting unique ones on a per-location basis

Maximize your success with support and training every step of the way

  • Get ongoing guidance and quarterly business reviews from your dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Ensure you and your team are getting the most out of Delaget Coach, with a customized training program
  • Contact Delaget’s onshore technical support team by phone, email, and chat
  • Feel confident in your data, knowing your dedicated data acquisition team is ensuring data is always flowing to Delaget Coach

Upgrade to Delaget Coach Growth

Upgrading is easy! Just contact our sales team and we’ll get you set up in no time.