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One of the best ways to keep improving your restaurant operations (and your bottom line!) is by knowing your key performance metrics inside and out. But getting at that data is often difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating.

With Delaget Coach’s all-in-one dashboard, you’ll easily keep your finger on the pulse of your business every day. And now we’re offering a free version – no strings attached!

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My market is very competitive, and we get to see other areas' metrics, which motivates my team to achieve greater success - quote by Ivy Figaro, Area Coach at B&G Food Enterprises

Delaget Coach is the lifeblood of our operations – quote from Erich Moxley, Franchisee at Diversified Restaurant Group

What is Delaget Coach?

An easy-to-use dashboard that gives you valuable insight into how your restaurants are performing across multiple key performance metrics – like sales, food cost, speed of service, labor cost, or customer satisfaction

A powerful tool for drilling down into your metrics to identify trends and outliers in your stores’ performance

A centralized hub for all your restaurant data that keeps all levels of your organization on the same page and makes it easy to track and follow up on issues

How can we just give this away for free?

At Delaget, our mission is to make growth faster and easier for restaurant operators. We’ve designed every aspect of Delaget Coach with this in mind. We’re confident that you’ll improve your restaurant’s operations with Delaget Coach and see the value it will bring to your business.

When you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll have access to more features – like drill-downs into additional metrics, task management, customizable performance thresholds, and world-class support and training.

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