Accelerate the success of your restaurants, the easy way

Business challenges

You spend hours each week analyzing data from across your operation, from the POS to the back of house systems, voice of customer surveys, security systems, timers, and more. You go back-and-forth between numerous reports to figure out how your business is performing and where the issues and opportunities lie. It’s tedious and imprecise work that’s costing you thousands of dollars each month.


Here are just some of the challenges:

  • Data analysis is incredibly time consuming with no guarantee you’ll come away with a clear path to improved performance
  • Your restaurant managers are reviewing multiple reports, making it difficult for them to act quickly or even at all
  • Retaining employees is a top priority but it’s difficult to find ways to identify and reinforce high performers

How this affects you

You spend hours each day toggling between systems, analyzing data, and communicating business results to everyone on your team.

Your restaurant managers don’t know how to improve efficiencies and profitability, so you’re missing out on substantial revenue and savings.

You’re losing employees almost as fast as you hire them.


…you’re overwhelmed with data but still don’t know how you’re performing against your business goals

…you don’t have time to waste analyzing and cross-referencing reports and sending out emails to your team about the results

…your managers need help identifying the specific actions they should take each
day to eliminate problems and capitalize
on opportunities

…you want an easy way for managers to identify top performers on their teams as well as those who need coaching

Then you need a solution that…

  • Shows you and your team all of your critical business metrics on one dashboard so that you can make fast, profitable decisions, every single day.
  • Gives your managers insights and recommendations that will address problems and maximize opportunities at their restaurant, including employee performance.

What if you could…?

  • …gauge performance at a glance, across all of your key metrics, and identify problems and opportunity areas in mere minutes
  • …drive improvements through system-generated, prescriptive actions that are easy for your managers to follow
  • …track and compare employee performance, and pinpoint tangible areas of excellence
    and improvement

In a recent study, restaurants using Delaget Coach dropped their average drive-thru speed of service by 10 seconds and their in-house service speed by 20 seconds

What’s in it for you

  1. Increased revenue and decreased costs
  2. Hours of saved time each week
  3. Higher performing employees who stick around (retention!)



See how it works

What it is
Delaget Coach is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that makes it easy to monitor your restaurant’s performance metrics from one screen and quickly take action. You’ll be able to zero-in on problems and opportunities, get the relevant context, and take action to address the issues, faster and easier than ever before.

Stay informed of what’s at stake with Estimated Loss.

  • See the monetary impact of missing each performance goal.
  • Help manager understand where to focus their efforts for the biggest impact.


Make it easy to spot both positive and problematic behavior with the Employee Performance Module.

  • Increase retention and reinforce good practices by helping your managers instantly recognize employees who are doing it right.
  • Identify the best- and worst-performing employees in upsells, speed of service, and other critical areas to help your managers coach more effectively.
  • Detect troublesome trends so you can catch problematic behavior early and prevent loss.

See how you’re tracking to business goals with Performance Gauges.

  • Track restaurant performance compared to company thresholds for each of your key performance metrics.
  • Drill into each gauge for more detail, so you know exactly what’s impacting performance.
  • Tailor gauges to fit your business needs by selecting the metrics and setting the thresholds in accordance with your brand guidelines.

Get proative insight into when a restaurant’s or individual’s performance is unusually high or low with Prescriptive Smart Tips.

  • Follow the system’s recommendations to isolate and eliminate problems and enhance your strengths.
  • Immediately see where you’re having success so that you can maximize and reinforce good behavior.