Outsource your payroll and accounting activities, and say “hello” to bigger profits.

Business challenges

No one gets into the restaurant business to do payroll and accounting. And it takes time away from bigger issues like strategically growing your business. Hiring and maintaining staff is time consuming, and it’s difficult to fill the areas of expertise you need, without overstaffing. Missing a deadline, having a bad audit, or inaccurate financials can put you out of business.

  • Hiring, firing and training staff are tough enough, but managing coverage for sick and vacation time can be a huge hassle.
  • The cost of supporting an internal team is steep, including expenses for payroll and accounting software, hardware and networking, IT support, and office space.
  • Keeping up with deadlines and staying informed of ever-changing payroll and tax laws are relentless, but failing to comply could result in fines and penalties.

How this affects you

You’re dragged into daily administrative tasks instead of focusing on customers, coaching employees, and watching the competition. You’re paying more money for less expertise, less time, and more complexity. And it only gets worse as you grow.

Missing a payroll or sales tax payment could sink your franchise.


…you want to put more energy toward the operation and profitability of your franchise

…you want to simplify your business so you can make quicker, better decisions and focus your attention where it’s needed

…you’ve missed invoices or deadlines, experienced a bad audit, incurred penalties, had inaccurate financials, or just feel like you don’t have good controls in place

Then you need a partner …

  • …who has expertise in every area of your back office
  • …who knows the industry, and can share best practices from across the industry and even across your brand
  • …who cares about your business as if it were their own

What if you could…?

  • …rely on a dedicated staff with exactly the right expertise and restaurant industry know-how, available anytime you need them?
  • …never worry again about payroll and reporting deadlines, audits, changing laws, or staffing?
  • …spend your time with customers, coaching your leaders, and beating your competition, instead of handling daily admin tasks?

Increase profits with Delaget Books by cutting overhead, eliminating late payments and errors, and adding efficiencies

What’s in it for you

More time to focus on store growth, operational enhancements, and guest experience

  • Dedicated and restaurant-savvy payroll and accounting experts who partner – and grow – with you
  • Less expensive than managing in house, with as good or better results, and no staffing or compliance headaches



See how it works

What it is

We partner with multi-unit operators and, through our SOC-1/SAS-70 compliant accounting team, manage their payroll and accounting activities, including financial reporting, cash verification, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, payroll tax, and sales and use tax services.

Cash verification services ensure your expected deposits clear the bank accurately and timely, including cash and credit card verification, fee and charge-back tracking, cash over/short reporting, and armored car monitoring.

  • Inconsistencies are called out, and the right people are notified.
  • You’ll receive actionable reports in your inbox each day.
  • We support and manage your bank’s “positive pay” service to reduce fraudulent activity against your account.

Detailed financial reporting gives you deep insight at the store, group, district, brand and enterprise levels, so you know exactly where to focus to improve performance.

  • A dedicated staff accountant manages your bank reconciliations, audit schedules, fixed assets, financial statements, outside audit support, royalties and advertising, and sales and use tax.
  • Financials are delivered within 10 business days of period end.
  • We’ll also help you with business licenses, permits, and personal property tax administration.

Automate your accounts payable and have complete visibility to the process with a dedicated AP processor who will check in with you at key points along the way. We’ll also
prepare and file your annual 1099s.

  • Access your documents and approve invoices on your schedule, from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Pay vendors by check or electronically.
  • All invoices are evaluated for use tax liability, and those from large vendors are imported electronically with default coding for greater reporting accuracy.

With our turnkey payroll services you’ll have a dedicated payroll and tax team who will ensure your employee data is current and labor imports are complete, factoring in borrowed employees, special overtime rules, and cross- company calculations. They’ll manage everything from garnishments to PTO to filing and paying your taxes.

  • Pay employees via check, direct deposit, or paycard, and make it easy for them to access their pay stubs and W2s through our online portal.
  • We’ll also take care of your New Hire, Multiple Worksite, and Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting.
  • We don’t impound your funds! We’ll process payroll through your bank account, so you’ll earn interest on your funds until tax payments are due.