How Delaget Coach works

How we turn “data overload” into simple, organized, and effective decision-making

Delaget Coach makes acting on problems and opportunities easy through these six steps:

1. Set KPIs and thresholds.

Understanding your priorities is our first order of business. We work with you to identify the key performance metrics that are most important to your business and set the performance thresholds in accordance with your brand guidelines. These will be your gauges of success.

2. Gather your data.

Then, your key restaurant data is fed into our data warehouse. We retrieve the data from your point of sale, back of house, voice of customer, drive thru timers, kitchen display systems and inventory management systems to make sure we have a complete picture of what’s happening in each of your stores.

3. Bring it all together.

We then present you with a consolidated view of your data through an interactive dashboard. Using gauges for each key performance area, your managers can see how they’re doing compared to your company’s thresholds.For those situations where more research is needed, managers can drill down to the ticket level for more details. No more toggling between systems and cross-referencing reports. It’s all right there on one screen.

4. Monetize the opportunity.

For each performance area, the system estimates how much your restaurants could be losing, based on how far off they are from the thresholds you set early on. This means that your managers can instantly see where they need to focus to have the most significant financial impact.

5. Search for outliers.

Our proprietary algorithms comb through your data to identify instances where employees or restaurants are over- or under-performing. These instances might include employees who consistently are stronger at upselling or, conversely, are not meeting your speed of service standards.

6. Prescribe action.

We then use these outliers to report on how your managers can either address problem areas or reinforce good behavior in each restaurant through our smart tips. These automatically-generated insights make it incredibly fast and easy for your managers to become much more effective in their roles.

Delaget Coach eliminates do-it-yourself analysis and make it easy for you and your team to understand what’s truly happening in your operation from end-to-end from one, simplified screen. Leave the toggling and the guesswork behind, and empower your team to make the best decisions, faster than ever before.