Pizza Hut franchise accelerates growth with Delaget’s reporting and analytics solution



The business challenge

Jason Harbison has to make the most of his time. The Operations Analyst for Wisconsin Hospitality Group, the state’s largest food service franchisor with 118 stores, currently monitors 72 Pizza Hut locations. WHG is on a high-growth trajectory, and Jason must dig deep into everything from sales to labor to food costs to understand trends and patterns in the business and look for opportunities to improve efficiency on a daily basis.

No small task, as Jason needs a holistic, above store view while also being able to drill down into store-level detail. Doing this helps him better understand trends and make smarter business decisions across his restaurants. Without a comprehensive restaurant analysis tool, consolidating and analyzing WHG’s data would be a complex and time-consuming ordeal. “It would just be hours of emails and headaches,” says Jason. “Versus having Delaget Stats available to us.”

The solution

Jason can do more in a shorter amount of time with Delaget Stats. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) restaurant analytics solution lets him easily visualize and interpret his daily metrics with fast and flexible reporting that no other tool can match.

“Delaget Stats helps us identify specifically which restaurants are causing us our biggest pain points,” says Jason, adding that he can get answers to all his business questions with ease, such as optimizing food waste. “As you know, we make a lot of pizzas every day. So, cheese always seems to be one of our top food costs. Delaget Stats helps us identify specifically which restaurants are using too much cheese. I can tell if the store is using the wrong cups, overusing product, whatever it may be. We can then go in and coach that team for better usage on cheese.”

The system also helps with coaching in other areas. “Using Delaget, we have the transaction detail we need to see which employees are behind or ahead of their peers for things like suggestive selling or discounts. That provides us an opportunity with visual data to go back and coach that employee and our management team. We see a lot of this happening with new hires. Traditionally, they make a lot of mistakes when they’re hired, so we see that pop right away and that helps us identify what’s happening in that particular restaurant on a given day, week, or even month.”

Using Delaget Stats, Jason has instant access to all the enterprise data he monitors daily. He especially likes the automated email subscriptions. “Delaget Stats provides me single-touch access to the data I need every day. It just shows up in my inbox, which is fantastic.”

Further, Jason knows Delaget Stats is powerful enough to keep up with the demands of WHG’s many Pizza Hut locations. “I love the ability to move through data quickly. I’m not waiting for long cycles of time to get large amounts of data, which I’ve seen with other solutions.” With Delaget Stats, Jason has the information he needs to make better, faster business decisions.

The outcome

Jason has come to expect the very best with Delaget, from support, to service, to changing how he leverages business intelligence. “I would encourage any owner to take a hard look at purchasing Delaget because of the resources they have available and their experience with Pizza Hut and Yum! Brands.”