Pizza Hut Director of Operations saves time, improves operations with Delaget Stats

The business challenge

From managing six area coaches to restaurant remodels and new restaurant development, Ryan O’Connell wears many hats as Regional Director of Operations for SDS Restaurant Group, LLC, a 43-unit Pizza Hut franchise. In the past three years, the Greenville, North Carolina-based group has built 11 restaurants. The last thing Ryan has time for is spending hours pulling reports and sorting through reams of data.

And while Pizza Hut has a reporting tool, it didn’t have the drill down or ranking capabilities that Ryan needed to stay on top of the business.

The solution

That’s why Ryan and the team at SDS Restaurant Group use Delaget Stats, a comprehensive restaurant reporting solution that brings together data from across all their systems, providing high-value, company-wide metrics quickly and easily. Above store leaders can track trends, conduct ad hoc analyses, and stay on top of their entire business – all from one system.

“Delaget Stats is easy to use. It’s simple. And it helps me get the data I need to get a better sense of the business and the information I need to follow up with area coaches,” said Ryan. “Plus, if I ever have a polling issue, Delaget customer service has been very quick to get reports updated for me. Their customer service is great.”

The outcome

Ryan gets daily, weekly, and monthly customized reports sent to his inbox that he uses to conduct in-depth analyses and quickly see each restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ryan starts his day reviewing and drilling down into the daily performance tracker, which includes details about SDS Restaurant Group’s labor, schedule/hours, paid outs, speed of service metrics, and sales.

“Spending 30 minutes a day reviewing this report grounds me on what’s going on in the business. It helps me determine what other reports I need to review and helps identify the areas of strength or concern my team and I need to focus on,” said Ryan.

He also uses a ranking report to see how restaurants compare to each other on specific metrics.

“Having a ranking report saves me so much time. I don’t have to individually compare metrics from 43 restaurants. I get what I need in one report. It’s a huge time saver. It allows me to have more one-on-one time with my area coaches. It helps empower my team to operate our restaurants better. It allows me to get out in field more and make a bigger impact on the business,” said Ryan.