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Mr. Stax 70-unit IHOP operator leverages data to weather the COVID-19 storm

Like most restaurant operators facing the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, Mr. Stax had to quickly adapt to minimize losses and make their operation as profitable as possible. COO Harold Ceron explains that the 60-year-old franchise previously used Excel-based information, but in the wake of the pandemic, they needed fast access to key data so they could quickly make informed decisions. “We’ve been working with Delaget Coach to help us understand our information in a much stronger way,” explains Ceron. “We have 70 different restaurants, and reviewing 70 different reports is very difficult. Delaget Coach has allowed us to use a platform that is more intuitive and helps us sort data in a very easy fashion. “This crisis forced us to play defense very quickly and identify how we could cut losses. Delaget Coach has allowed us to sort information around sales and labor, by day part, by hour, by channel, understanding the to-go channel and delivery, and really helped us make good decisions around which restaurants to keep open and which ones to close. By using Delaget Coach, we can limit operating hours to an amount that allows us to stem losses and maintain operations.”

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“We understand there’s no blueprint for this. What we’ve really tried to do is focus on facts as opposed to emotion. Having data makes it much easier to handle the situation.”

– Harold Ceron: COO, Mr. Stax, Inc. IHOP


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