208-unit QSR franchisee lowers cost of goods and improves speed of service with Delaget Coach

Understanding the performance of their restaurants used to be time consuming and challenging for Diversified Restaurant Group (DRG), a Taco Bell franchisee with more than 200 units.

Generating reports meant going to multiple systems and even traveling to individual restaurants to access the back of house system. Aggregating sales data was also a headache, from both a sales and transaction standpoint. Overall, getting a holistic view of their operation was time consuming and not always possible.

Erich Moxley, owner of DRG, explains how they are solving these challenges with Delaget Coach, which brings together all their performance data into one, drillable dashboard that’s readily accessible to their on-the-move team. DRG immediately began to see results in improved speed of service, reduced food and labor costs, and a happier above store leadership team!