Above Store Leader saves 3 hours a day, uncovers theft using Delaget software

“I was spending hours a day manually pulling and analyzing 10 reports. I needed to find a better way.”

– Kevin Conrad, Financial Auditor at Bravo Foods

The problem

As a Financial Auditor at Bravo Foods, a 33-unit Taco Bell franchise, Kevin Conrad’s time is valuable – and stretched thin. Kevin wanted to invest his time being a leader, coach, and mentor to his staff. However, he found himself waking up at 5 a.m. and spending three or more hours a day manually pulling and analyzing dozens of different reports, trying to determine what actions needed to be taken for the day. On top of that, he had no clear solution or report to pinpoint employee theft. He urgently needed a more efficient way to stop analyzing and guessing – and to start taking action.

Too much time spent on reports, still difficult to find employee theft.

Without easy-to-use reporting and loss prevention solutions, Kevin spent his mornings looking over a multitude of reports (hours worked report, cashier closing report, business summary, and faxed copies of refunds, just to name a few) to get a sense of his business.

Also, he was in the dark about employee theft. He heard shift-level employees were using manager discount codes when managers weren’t working, but he had no tangible way to prove it –or any other violations – was happening.

The solution

Instead of wasting time and being in the dark, Kevin and the Bravo Foods team decided to implement both Delaget Stats and Delaget Guard in order to learn how to improve restaurant efficiency. Delaget Stats is a real-time, comprehensive reporting solution that allows restaurant operators to quickly view, analyze, and react to performance metrics such as product mix, average ticket, and speed of service. Delaget Guard is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), loss prevention solution that searches your data for outliers, monetizes each instance, and prescribes a prioritized short list of actions based on the opportunity for savings.

The outcome – and a surprise!

With Delaget Stats, Kevin gets tailor-made reports sent to his inbox every morning that allow him to scan company-wide results in seconds, track trends and act on opportunities, and understand each restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses. The three hours a day he used to spend on analyzing reports is now just five to ten minutes a day. Because of this, Kevin now spends more time in stores and less time collecting and analyzing data.

After implementing Delaget Guard, Kevin found out that employees were misusing manager codes. By using Delaget Guard’s handy estimated loss checklist, he’s able to prioritize key areas of employee theft. He and his managers are now able to easily track all discounts and hold employees accountable for using manager codes.

Also, Kevin discovered something he didn’t initially suspect was as a problem at his stores. After pulling and reviewing shift data in Delaget Guard, he discovered several managers were abusing refunds big time. He found a manager racking up $300 to $400 in refunds in three weeks, when his expected refund threshold is just $10 to $25 a week. Something was definitely wrong.

He dug deeper into the data by looking at ticket-level transactions and watching video footage. It was definitely theft. He saw the manager doing refunds and putting money in his pockets. Kevin alerted the area coach and provided him all of the documentation. Case closed.

Not only did Delaget Guard help shed a light on misused manager codes and abuse of refunds, it also allowed Kevin and the Area Coaches to teach staff on proper protocol, resulting in a better trained, more competent staff.