Arizona’s largest Taco Bell franchisee, Desert De Oro, saves thousands with Delaget’s cash verification tool

When Melinda Blais joined the Desert De Oro finance team, she immediately recognized some glaring inefficiencies at the Arizona-based Taco Bell franchise. For example, fraud prevention was up to each store manager, and cash and credit card reconciliation was a manual task. This made the process extremely cumbersome and inefficient.

In fact, the accounting team was spending five to six hours a week comparing the list of store deposits to those received by the bank. Melinda would occasionally find discrepancies, but if the dollar amount wasn’t significant, specifics were hard to track down.

The solution

Melinda knew there must be an easier way to verify that all funds were making it safely to the bank – so she researched different solutions and discovered Delaget’s Cash Verification tool. Delaget Cash Verification integrates with the POS system and identifies inconsistencies between money received by a store and deposits made at the bank. Discrepancies are listed for users in one place, making it easy to track down fraudulent actions.

The outcome

“Once we started using Delaget Cash Verification, we quickly realized that we were not capturing loss without it,” said Melinda. “I can think of at least 50 instances in the past three years where our ability to act quickly on a deposit discrepancy has allowed our risk department to recover funds or investigate fraudulent employee action.”

”Today, Desert De Oro’s risk team works closely with Melinda’s finance department to prevent theft. Staff accountants spend only a couple minutes a day using Delaget Cash Verification instead of hours sifting through reports.

If a discrepancy is found, an email goes to the store leader, and the risk team is involved if receipts can’t be produced. It’s that easy.

“Our restaurant employees know that we’re looking at these deposits, and sometimes that’s enough to prevent the potential theft,” Melinda said. “We couldn’t recover funds this way without Delaget Cash Verification.”