Above store

The information and tools your above store leaders need

Make it easier on your above store leaders (and yourself) by equipping them with mobile, digestible, and actionable information.

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Rank and stay on top of restaurants

Help your area coaches manage and align their stores around your priorities with easy-to-read dashboards and reports that compare and rank stores, managers, and employees in their area.

Never miss a beat with mobile access

Above store leaders can get all their reports, dashboards, and alerts wherever they need to be. Whether they’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone, they’ll have access to Delaget software no matter where they are.

Get into the nitty gritty

Sometimes area coaches need to get into the weeds, and Delaget solutions provide the detail they need to take action quickly. Your team can drill down to the transaction level, view the receipt, print it, and send it to the store in a matter of minutes.

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