A complete comparison: Delaget Delivery +Recovery vs. the other guys

A complete comparison: Delaget Delivery +Recovery vs. the other guys


In your research process, you’ve probably discovered a few options and vendors, and you may be wondering what the differences are—and how they compare. 

We know choosing a third-party delivery recovery solution—or any restaurant software for that matter—can feel overwhelming, so we’ve created this handy guide to compare your options: DIY in-house recovery, other delivery recovery services, and Delaget +Recovery.  

Let’s start with the basics: What does it mean to recover delivery revenue, and why is it necessary?  

Delivery revenue recovery is necessary when a franchisee or restaurant owner utilizes delivery service providers (DSPs) to offer third-party delivery to their customers, and needs to dispute delivery refunds, adjustments/error charges to claim any losses occurring from cancelled orders, missing items, or refunds occurring on behalf of the restaurant.  

Delivery revenue recovery is the process of disputing and recovering money that is otherwise “left on the table” by delivery service providers.  

In-house manual revenue recovery 

Your first option, and how many larger operators start out, is to recover revenue in-house.  

The benefits of doing it in-house are that you get to keep everything you recover, and your team has full control over the recovery process.  

The process, however, is one of the biggest pitfalls of this method: It takes the average operator 6-10 hours each month per location to manually dispute and recover revenue, the process itself is extremely tedious, and there are many opportunities for human error.  

Let’s chew on that for a moment: 6-10 hours of time per location means that if you have 10 locations, you can expect to spend about 60-100 hours a month on recovery and if you have, say, 50 locations, you can expect to spend about 300-500 a month on this process alone.  

Delaget +Recovery 

When we learned that our clients and many other QSR operators were struggling with the revenue recovery process, we set out to develop solutions that would make franchisees and restaurant operator’s lives easier by handling the retrieval process for them, boosting their overall revenue, maximizing their delivery channel profitability and enabling operators to improve the health of their delivery operations.  

As a +Recovery user, you’ll get recovered revenue streaming straight to you, boosting sales with 0 effort—Just handle your normal day-to-day tasks, and we’ll handle the revenue recovery process from start to finish, plus full control over what gets disputed with configurable settings.  

A note on your delivery and operational ecosystem: 

While developing this solution, we coined the term “Delivery Health”. To achieve Delivery Health a restaurant operation would have seamless delivery operations, resulting in minimal unpaid cancels and error charges/adjustments, and crystal-clear reporting available to reconcile. 

It’s our mission at Delaget to help our clients achieve optimal Delivery Health and minimize their need to recover lost revenue from DSPs (Delivery Service Providers, like GrubHub, UberEATS, and DoorDash). We want nothing more for our clients than smooth sailing and maximum profits. 

Unfortunately, some recovery providers on the market are not concerned with your overall delivery health, and instead hope to continue recovering revenue and taking their cut, which results in poor delivery health and more money in their pockets—not yours!  


What is the best option for my restaurant operation? 

When selecting a delivery revenue recovery solution, consider the following: 

  • Automation 
    When it comes to revenue recovery, automation is key to success and low costs. Tech-enabled solutions are less costly and leave no margin for human error. Additionally, technology-driven solutions allow for full control over disputes, allowing you to recover revenue accurately while remaining in-control of the process. 
  • Unit count and overall delivery volume 
    If you have under 10 units and have the resources to recover yourself, in-house manual recovery may be the best option for you! Additionally, if you have a large amount of units but delivery isn’t a huge focus for your business, you can likely get by without a third-party solution like Delaget +Recovery. Here’s the formula to keep in mind:  
    Recovery takes 11-20 minutes per dispute. The average QSR location has 30 cases to dispute per month.  
    10 hours x (# of locations) = amount of time spent recovering each month. 
  • Accessible and Friendly Customer support 
    Customer service is very important to your experience and outcomes when adopting new solutions. Ensure that the solution you’re selecting comes with direct access to a support team. Delaget support is in-house, US-based, and are known to our clients as heroes.  
  • The overall health of your delivery operation and finances 
    Some delivery recovery solutions only address the symptoms of the issues, ignoring the ongoing issues at hand. Our Delivery +Recovery suite allows you to reconcile and spot trends, so your operations team can nip continual delivery issues in the bud—and you can continue to focus your time and energy on growing the business.  

Make the best decision for your business (and your finances) and develop a third-party delivery revenue recovery plan—Whether you land on an in-house approach, or spring for an automated recovery solution, doing something is always better than doing nothing at all—and leaving all that money behind.  

Start recovering revenue ASAP with Delaget +Recovery Get a free delivery revenue recovery assessment to see how much you could be retrieving using Delaget +Recovery. 

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