Analysis of Taco Bell operators using Delaget software shows significant reduction in discounts, voids, and refunds

Hard savings average $14K per store, per year, for top performing restaurants

SAINT LOUIS PARK, Minn.,September 19, 2018 – To demonstrate the effectiveness of its loss prevention and labor efficiency solution in Taco Bell franchises, Delaget analyzed key operational metrics of high-adoption users of the software as compared to Taco Bell franchisees not using the software. The results indicate a significant improvement in key metrics tied to loss, as well as substantial soft-cost savings.

The software, called Delaget Guard, analyzes a franchisee’s operational data to identify opportunities to decrease loss and improve employee productivity, then recommends specific actions restaurant managers and above store leaders can take to address those situations.

The analysis found that Taco Bell restaurants using Delaget Guard:

  • Save $14K per store, per year, over Taco Bell restaurants not using the software
  • Have 10 times fewer discounts than Taco Bell restaurants not using the software, equating to an average of $18 per day, or $550 per month, per store, in savings
  • Have 3 times fewer voids and refunds than restaurants not using the software, equating to an average of $9 per day, or $275 per month, per store, in savings

To get the results, Delaget compared key metrics – including cash over short, voids, refunds, cancels, and discounts – from the top ten performing Taco Bell restaurants using Delaget Guard over a six-month period with Taco Bell restaurants not using the software.

“The data shows that Taco Bell operators who have adopted Delaget Guard are seeing substantial financial and operational improvements,” says Neal Lefebvre, VP of Product for Delaget. “These figures don’t even account for improvements that are more difficult to track, like time savings and productivity.”

Other benefits of using Delaget Guard include reduced time studying reports, greater labor efficiency, greater employee retention, improved guest satisfaction, improved speed of service, reduced food costs, and increased net sales.

“I was spending one to two hours a day using our previous tool. With Delaget Guard, it takes me 15 minutes at most. The checklist is easy to use, and I like being able to drill down when I need to,” says Nick Rader, Manager of Restaurant Reporting and Analysis for Bell American Group.

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