Allie DuChene
Blog, Operational efficiency

Food waste and employee theft continue to be big issues in the restaurant industry, so it’s no surprise that loss prevention and security are among the top concerns for franchise owners.

To combat such problems, stay up to date on best practices, and be aware of the way these areas have changed over the years, many franchise owners attend the Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association’s (RLPSA) annual conference. If you’re interested in attending the Aug. 5-8 event in Dallas, here’s what to expect.

Recreational events

Arrive early Sunday (8 a.m.) to participate in a golf tournament, or wait until registration opens at noon. Enjoy a cocktail and meet fellow attendees at the welcome reception later that night.

The conference will also include a reception Monday night, a networking reception, poker tournament, and charity raffle Tuesday night.

Meet the speakers

In addition to the fun activities throughout the conference, there will also be more than a dozen fantastic speakers with deep knowledge of the QSR market. A few of these speakers include:

Emmitt Smith is a hall of fame running back and a highly successful business person. By cultivating multiple businesses and personal skill sets, he’s able to continue making amazing achievements. We’re excited to see the high level of thought leadership he brings to the conference.

Paul R. Johnson is a former special agent with the United States Secret Service and current chief of global security for Papa John’s. He oversees the company’s security strategy and cybersecurity, a colossal task given the scale of the brand. Johnson will speak Monday about cybersecurity and how to mitigate an internal threat.

Ed Hochuli is a successful trial attorney with an 85-attorney law firm and has served as an NFL referee for the past 28 years. He understands crisis management better than anyone else and will be sharing his advice with attendees.

Aslam Kahn is currently the CEO of TGI Friday’s and has a long history in leadership positions for major QSR brands. This 2014 entrepreneur of the year will provide expert guidance that can be applied across the restaurant industry.

The trade show

The RLPSA conference offers excellent opportunities for QSR owners to learn about the best solutions on the market. There will be ample opportunity for attendees to tour exhibits, network with experts, and benefit from the best restaurant vendors available.

Stop by Delaget in booth #218 while you’re there. We’ll be sharing the latest and greatest in QSR data management solutions to help you make the smartest business decisions.

Breakout sessions

There will be many educational breakout sessions during the conference related to risk, safety, and loss prevention. This will give attendees the opportunity to learn about food fraud prevention, sexual harassment investigation, defensible claims, and managing guests.

So, whether you attend every keynote speaker presentation and breakout session or only a few, you’re bound to learn something that will help you run your restaurant safely while minimizing loss. To learn more about RLPSA’s conference, check out the agenda.