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Imagine that you kept your files organized in cabinets that were located miles apart from each other and, every time you needed to compare information or run a mission-critical process, you had to drive between them. Can you imagine the frustration and wasted time? If you’re a QSR owner or franchisor, then you might not need to imagine it at all.

You see, most QSR setups include lots of different systems and integrations. You have systems for back of house, POS, inventory, security cameras, timers, and more — all producing data, yet all in disparate systems. To keep this data from living in separate filing cabinets, you need a data management system like Delaget Connect. A powerful platform that collects files from all your distant filing cabinets and puts them in one consolidated location. Let’s look at how Delaget Connect links all of your data inputs and data outputs seamlessly.

How does Delaget Connect work?

Delaget Connect provides a central hub that connects your data sources with your mission-critical processes and your business intelligence reports. However, it’s not just a connection point. It also completes the key steps needed for data management and security. These steps include:

  1. Gathering data: Delaget Connect connects to all of your data sources and automatically gathers your data. This eliminates the need to run manual reports and organize them.
  2. Normalizing and securing data: Once data is gathered, it goes through a rigorous process of encryption, normalization, and backup creation. This ensures your data is safe and ready to use on any platform, at any time.
  3. Using data: Delaget Connect integrates with your endpoint solutions so your data is always ready to use in any of your downstream systems. This makes running payroll, reporting, and business intelligence analysis a breeze.

Why DDMP can make a huge difference for your QSR

QSR owners and franchisors are responsible for a variety of tasks, and it can be difficult to juggle them all. Fortunately, Delaget Connect can help free up time and resources in the following ways:

  1. Implement new restaurant software solutions while maintaining a smooth operation. Eliminate the need to do your own IT work or hire a consultant.
  2. Use consistent, high-quality data to make intelligent business decisions based on facts.
  3. Stay legally compliant with data storage and encryption requirements.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll see when you switch over to Delaget Connect. So, what’s the next step?

Getting started with Delaget Connect

Viewing a video that explains how the solution works or an ebook with a non-technical description of data management is a great way to get familiar with the solution and see if it’s a good fit for your business. It will give you a complete picture of the positive impact that Delaget Connect can have on your QSRs.

The next step is scheduling a consultation to explore how Delaget Connect could help you integrate all of your systems and enjoy reliable, predictable, and fully-managed data collection. During this consultation, we’ll be able to address your specific questions and concerns.

If you’re sick of scrambling to gather, manage, and output data from your QSRs, then you need Delaget Connect. Learn more today.