Delaget unveils the next generation of above-restaurant reporting and analytics

Delaget Stats features rapid, customized reporting and analytics for store managers, above store leaders, and home office executives

SAINT LOUIS PARK, Minn., February 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/—Delaget, a leading modern business intelligence and outsourcing company focused on multi-unit restaurant operators, today announced new industry-leading enhancements to its SaaS restaurant reporting and analysis tool, Delaget Stats. The new release provides a highly-interactive data analysis experience and custom report building capabilities that help store managers, above store leaders, and home office personnel view, analyze, and visualize data across multiple restaurant systems, build customized reports and dashboards to their own criteria, and conduct ad hoc analyses from the enterprise and above-store levels down to the store detail.

Delaget Stats dashboard screen shot“Many multi-unit operators struggle to get even basic, accurate measures of their business, like year-over-year sales. They get reports from their point of sale and back of house systems, and many other sources, but the data is silo-ed in multiple software systems. So, they’re manually compiling reports, which sometimes still don’t get at the information they really need,” says Delaget CEO Jason Tober. “Delaget Stats changes all that by giving them a complete, personalized view of what’s going on in their business, with the ability to roll up or drill into areas as needed.”

With Delaget Stats, restaurant operators are no longer restricted by the limited visibility and canned reports that come with their POS or back of house systems. Instead, they get a consolidated view of all their data in one place, with the ability to create custom reports and conduct ad hoc analyses. These capabilities translate to better, faster decisions and significant time savings.

“Delaget customers rely on restaurant reporting to find answers to even their most complex business questions,” says Delaget VP of Product Neal Lefebrve. “It used to take them weeks or even months to create new reports or modify existing ones, and now it only takes them a few minutes. What once required IT support, can be conquered with a few clicks.”

With Delaget Stats, users can build unique reports and dashboards with simple drag-and-drop functionality. They can also create chart and graph visualizations and receive reports in their inbox via email report subscriptions.

With flexibility in how users filter and view their data, operators can react faster with insight-driven choices that drive improvements in their restaurants.

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