Renee Munro
Blog, Loss prevention

The business challenge

Picture it: $400 worth of receipts are found missing from your restaurant’s drive-thru drawer. Is this an innocent mistake? Or is theft at play?

As a restaurant general manager, you have budgets to balance, inventory to assess, employees to manage, and restaurants to run. Being a detective shouldn’t have to be part of your job description.

But according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, nearly 75% of employees steal from their employer at least once. The fact is, no matter the amount of vetting or screening you do, restaurant employee theft will happen at your store.

So what can you do about it? And were the missing receipts a case of theft?

Read on (and cue the Law and Order theme song) to find out.

The solution

Receipts for manager meals were found missing from the drive-thru drawer. Without a loss prevention tool, getting to the bottom of issues like this takes countless hours of conducting an investigation, interviewing employees, and combing through reports. While utilizing Delaget Guard, the restaurant’s general manager was able to find the answers they needed quickly and efficiently before more theft or loss occurred – saving the manager time and money.

Delaget Guard was able to cross-reference the point-of-sale exceptions from the business day the receipts were missing. By doing this, the general manager’s suspicions were confirmed—employee theft had occurred.

  1. Delaget’s loss prevention technology highlighted the point-of-sale exceptions. This enabled the restaurant’s general manager to see how much was lost.
  2. Delaget Guard was able to confirm the time that transactions took place that day, allowing the general manager to easily know when to view video from that day.
  3. Delaget Guard’s cross-referencing and time indication was able to provide the general manager with concrete evidence of unaccounted for loss. They were able to gain leverage during the interview process and follow through with the employee appropriately—all within less than 24 hours after receipts were missing.

The outcome

Delaget’s restaurant loss-prevention tool provided exact details of the loss. With such concrete evidence, the suspected employee confessed and the manager was able to recover the $400 lost along with peace of mind.

Delaget Guard allowed this restaurant’s general manager to do all of the following:

1. Take immediate action: Because of the real-time information generated by Delaget’s restaurant tools, the general manager didn’t have to wait long before taking action against the suspected employee theft.

2. Acquire evidence: Without Delaget Guard, this general manager may not have had enough information or evidence to question the suspected employee. Without evidence, nothing could have been proven and the loss would’ve been unresolved.

Not only was this restaurant’s general manager able to fully recover lost profits, they were also able to take immediate action and eliminate the problem. This action could have saved the restaurant hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars if the employee struck again.