Pizza Hut franchisee selects Delaget as loss prevention, reporting, and payroll partner

SAINT LOUIS PARK, Minn., Feb. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MP2 Enterprises, a Pizza Hut franchisee with 19 locations, today announced a partnership with Delaget, LLC, the only data analytics and business process outsourcing experts focused on the QSR industry.

MP2 will be utilizing several Delaget solutions, including:

  • Delaget Guard, a loss prevention tool that scrutinizes restaurant data to help operators quickly and easily identify suspected employee theft, track suspicious employee behavior patterns, and take action with and train employees.
  • Delaget Stats, a comprehensive reporting service that allows restaurant operators to quickly view, analyze, and react to performance metrics such as product mix, average ticket, and speed of service.
  • Delaget Books, a time-saving restaurant payroll and accounting service that streamlines restaurant processes to improve profitability.

“Initially, we were only searching for an outsourced payroll and accounting solution. But when we discovered Delaget also had reporting and loss prevention capabilities, it made sense from a financial and business perspective to partner with one vendor and have Delaget be our one stop shop for payroll, cash verification, restaurant reporting, and loss prevention services,” said Bryant Peterson, Co-Owner of MP2.

“Delaget’s offerings will help us run our operation more effectively and efficiently. We will be able to focus more of our energy on growing the business. And it will allow us to do what we’re good at – making and serving pizzas,” he added.

“Our solutions are purpose-built to support restaurant franchisees like MP2. By outsourcing payroll and using software to identify loss and increase operational efficiencies, the team at MP2 can spend less time pulling and analyzing reports and more time on what’s most important to them –helping guests in their restaurants. We’re proud to partner with MP2 for their payroll, reporting, and loss prevention needs,” said Jason Tober, CEO of Delaget.

About MP2 Enterprises
Founded in 2006, MP2 Enterprises is a Pizza Hut franchisee with 19 locations in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. MP2 Enterprises is headquartered in Washington, Utah. Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., delivers more pizza, pasta, and wings than any other restaurant in the world. What started out small has become the biggest pizza restaurant in the world and today operates more than 16,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries serving innovative pizzas, traditional pizzas like the signature Pan Pizza, and much more.

About Delaget

Delaget helps restaurant operators expand their business and improve profitability through our configurable restaurant dashboard, our data solutions, and our Easy Street Marketplace. We received the 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award for our Delaget Coach restaurant dashboard, which provides a combined view of an operator’s most critical operational data including sales, labor, food costs, speed of service, voice of customer, loss prevention, and more. Delaget customers are franchisees and franchisors from brands such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, IHOP, Five Guys, Hard Rock Café, Hardee’s, Popeye’s, Slim Chickens, Sonic, Papa John’s, Brooklyn Water Bagels, and more. Visit us at for more information.

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